Seminars – Workshops

We humans are moving further and further away from the natural world with its various facets of climate, vegetation, …
Back to nature brings once again balance and tranquility in our lives – a much needed perspective in our busy daily routine!

Our seminar focuses

Biological gardening
Learn basic knowledge about organic farming in theory and practice – from seed to harvest.

Healthy construction and living
Build your own home with natural materials from straw and clay, you familiarize yourself with energy-efficient construction methods.

Student project days
Nowadays, very few young people don’t know where and how food is produced. The aim of the project days is to sensitize students to the themes of organic farming, food and the environment.

Active lifestyle
In everyday life, there is only little time to reflect on our lives. Different requirements in times of economic turmoil, restlessness and stress often affect everyday life, where there remain little or no room for fundamental questions. Take advantage of this seminar to regain awairness of what is good and right for you.