School on the farm

Learning with all senses

Lay your classroom but for a few hours in a different environment and visit our biologically guided agriculture farm. The school building is the free nature, the classroom is the field and the meadow.

How much better it is yet to see the spot, for example, what it means, a soil to farm organically, to experience what makes fertile ground, as this looks, feels, smells!

Gain an insight into our work – from planting to harvest draw. An experience for children and teachers to convey the idea agricultural content while strengthening the position as a future, environmentally conscious consumers.

Your visit to SUN of ISTRIA creates a better understanding of ecological and economic contexts, different forms of cultivation, origin and production methods of food products and for new developments in agriculture.

Excursion of the elementary school of Rovinj

Topic: “How I plant vegetables”
Pupils of the elementary school Rovinj visited us with her teacher, Mrs. Iva Dujmović, as part of the school subject biology.