Vital and fresh

Our organic vegetables and fruit are supported with natural fertilizers and plant strengtheners in their growth. SUN of ISTRIA waived the cultivation of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides and leaves the field and tree crops enough time to grow and mature. This also has a positive effect on the vitamin and mineral content. We neither fumigations nor, as is usual with potatoes, germ inhibitors are used to extend the sale freshness. Therefore, organic vegetables is really vital when it looks fresh. Shortly before the sale the vegetabes and fruits are harvested directly from the field – the fastest way to fresh enjoyment.

We are cooking with living food and not with denaturilised food

Discover and enjoy the pure taste of our homemade products. Strict controls “from farm to table” guarantee that genetic engineering and artificial flavorings have no chances. All our products are distinguished in that they are produced without the use of dyes and preservatives, and flavor enhancers. And you can taste it!