About us – SUN of ISTRIA

In 1999 I entered the current land of SUN of ISTRIA for the first time.

For many years it has to be taken to understand me – if you live in and with nature, then also nature must accept you. This man can not do by force – humility and respect, as well as patience and attentiveness are of him required on practical way. This experience has certainly made every one of us.

We have been far away from the fundamental principles of life. If one wants to be a man in the true sense, then this living contact with nature is necessary. From this, right understanding about the own inner nature, the meaning and purpose of life is developed. So I had great luck to find such a place – to respect and appreciate it and to live here.

Everything comes by itself, you might say, but in reality it is one’s own, internal state of the causes. Everyone who comes here has the ability to go in and to open his heart, in peace and quiet.

Most welcome, Damir Janušić